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scientific integrity and blah blah blah
11 April
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I'm Aspen.

I'm an ex-computer tech, now a PhD researcher in a health-related field. I enjoy travel and adventure, and have been known to do things such as jump out of a plane (with parachute) and off of a bridge (with bungy cord) and off of a cliff into a subterranean river (it wasn't that far of a drop).

I crosspost the content of this journal from the journal of the same name on Dreamwidth. At any time you may find me reading or discussing fandom-related things, books, politics, faith, current events, poetry, and any of a variety of other possibilities. You'll also occasionally find me sharing the rare fic or other creative offering in one fandom or another, or you may find me in a RP setting at milliways_bar. I have a tendency toward analysis -- theory, metatheory, etc. -- as well, and am passionate about intelligent discussion and knowledge in all forms.

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